A shame descends upon The Falcon

Who lingers, follows, obsessed with images

Of you— The darling creature that hops lonely

In the morning, afternoon and evening’s clutches.

The ugly that is beauty without an eye to behold her

Has stricken a face with storied blemishes.

The carnal desire of acquisition coldly

And calmly rises and bows as The Falcon watches

YOU. The Falcon shuffles behind in steps with ether;

Odorless matter. Consuming, blushing, red-tipped gashes

Creep onto the fallen body, cursing all that is holy—

Now in the hands of silent ashes.

Still, be still, wait for nothing to appear,

The fate of her blue head darkens and clashes

With the warmth of the hands that feather

His heart— like death; Bound with stitches.

It is YOU to fear as an unearthly memory of the meager

Beauty; a devastated obsession. The suspended night finishes

With the weight of an inhaled hush— that slowly

tingles just before The Falcon’s light diminishes.

Published in Entropy Mag November 2016