Creative Writing

Chuck writes sardonic fiction, poetry, and stageplays with her work published in academic and creative journals, anthologies and performed live. Click on the title for excerpts of pieces published.


Kindred VALIS’ – Philip K. Dick Day conference

‘Reaching the Foothills’ (translation of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian – Entropy Magazine

‘Red Falcon’ – Entropy Magazine

The Hemingway Tree’ – Tree Charter

‘A Whiskey Tale’ – Alone Together anthology

Short Stories

Dark Dark Dark (excerpts of a novella)

Desertion – ‘Alone Together’ anthology

The Restorer – Pre-Raphaelite Society Review

The Tamale Guy – ‘Lifelines’ anthology

Wet Pistol – Entropy Magazine

Scripting and Staging

Sans Agua (stageplay short)
The Failure (stageplay)
Laughter in the Dark – (stageplay) Adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Kamera Obskura’

Academic pursuits

Variety of research interests include: existentialism, absurdism, post-modernism, interdisciplinary studies, Pre-Raphaelitism, psycho-studies, transatlanticism, and more. Current interests: entropy and the effect on construction of form/content.

Chuck holds BA (Hons) and MA degrees from Birmingham City University.

Papers and participation

• ‘Dolly Keeps a Secret: Exploring the Gothic suggestion of the Victorian play-thing in Literature’ – Midland Interdisciplinary Victorian Society Symposium

J.G. Ballard Day conference (co-coordinator)

Philip K. Dick Day conference (co-coordinator)

Philip K. Dick Day conference Review – Foundation Science Fiction Journal

• ‘YOU: The Chaos of Identity. Mystery and Secrecy of the poly-referential self in post-modernist literature’ – UG Research conference Birmingham City University (keynote speaker)